The history of compote and canned

The history of compote and canned
Tinned History:
The word canned is taken from the Greek word conserver meaning memorizing.
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Canned History
The word canned is taken from the Greek word conserver meaning memorizing.
Canning is the creation of conditions under which the conditions of the product to be preserved for a long time.
Inventing the method
1790 in France by Nicolae Operte
According to the procedure, if the food is given in a sealed container and then prevented from penetrating the air into the package, it can be stored for a long time.
In 1804, the first canned dishes were made in boiling water and tested on sailors of a ship.
In 1809, the French National Industry Institute approved its operations after eight months.
The procedure was called Appertizetion and it was used for fifty years.
1820 Industrial production of canned food
1823 Tin cans became commonplace.
1906 The first regulations and standards for canned food were developed in the United States.
1918 The scientific principle that the contents of canned sterilized cans are not absolute, but the number and type of microorganisms present in them are not capable of causing poisoning, was accepted.
1921 Glazed cans became commonplace for acidic foods.
1930 A method of calculating the temperature of sterilization was presented.
In 1316, the first canning factory in Bandar Abbas was created.
Today's canned food has been officially marketed in Iran in about 1347; there were about two or three distinct brands in the market, mostly for specific consumption. There were big figures in this area; during these years, the Russians in the former kingdom and Ghaemshahr Falali, with the commitment to produce canned beans, produced the first canned food for the army. Perhaps the late Istipaniyan, the owner of the Karun East brand, who produced the best caviar-eggplant years, should be one of the first canned brands in Iran. The formula for the production of this canned came from Russia, and the company also introduced other types of canned food. But the brand did not survive after the original owner died, and the plant was dismantled. After that, a company called Atako, by a person named Abulqasem Azimi, began to produce all types of canned food under the brand name Atako, which is still present on the market. The "Shamshad" brand is also one of the old names of canned goods, owned by Haj Hassan Madani. This brand is still in the market. Over the past few years, with the emergence of new figures in the field of canned food, almost elders have been eliminated from the scene, and prominent brands such as Aivic, Mehram and Chinchin Khorasan entered the field. Chinchine Khorasan was first launched in Mashhad by Iranian engineers who had just returned from the United States. The brothers set up a modern canned food company, after which the brand Onevik, Mahram, then Behrouz, Pleasant, Orumada, Kaleh and others also entered the field. Conservation of food, which is one of the most suitable methods of long-term preservation of these materials, has enjoyed a relatively favorable development in our country in recent years.

Source: Ministry of Industry, Mine, Trade, Islamic Republic of Iran Website

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